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Searching and Advertising

One of my interests in the information retrieval arena is the relationship between search and advertising.  Over on the FXPAL blog I posted a thought, and a quick experiment, related to this topic.  Here is an excerpt: The search engine … Continue reading

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And just like that..

..I’ve changed my domain.  I liked Jeff Dalton’s suggestions, to switch from to  So if you’ve got me in your feed reader, please make the switch, and apologies for the sudden change. as a domain should remain … Continue reading

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Empty Calories

A couple of days ago I made reference to a KQED Forum show on the 40th anniversary of the Personal Computer.  In listening closer to that program, a couple of the guests made comments about the “empty calories” applications and … Continue reading

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Music and Exploratory Search

One of my early, longstanding information retrieval passions is Music Information Retrieval — especially content-based music IR.  I began research in MIR back in 1998 as a graduate student at UMass Amherst.  In 2000, we organized the very first ISMIR … Continue reading

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What is a “Gupf”?

The title of this blog is “Information Retrieval Gupf”.  I’ll wager that more than a few of you are wondering what a Gupf is. Gupf is an Austrian slang/dialect form of the high German word “Gipfel”, which means “peak” or … Continue reading

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One Click Away

Daniel Tunkelang pointed me to a NYT article on the growing power, and therefore growing public unwariness, of Google.  The article makes a number of points, but what struck me most was the pseudo-repartee between Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian, … Continue reading

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The 10-speed and the Tricycle

Over the next few weeks I would like to begin laying out the theme of this blog. I’ve been thinking about exactly what it is I would like to say, and what would be of value to discuss with the … Continue reading

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Jumping in

Over the years, Greg Linden, Jeff Dalton, and Daniel Tunkelang have asked me to stop reduce commenting on their blogs, get out there and start one myself. While I am still not convinced that the world needs yet another blog, … Continue reading

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