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Top Posts of 2010

Here are the five top posts on this blog for 2010, in order: Kasparov and Good Interaction Design Search Versus Recommendation: Not the Only Tension More on Simplicity and the Paradox of Choice What You Can Find Out Don’t Forget … Continue reading

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Close the Loop!

The web is abuzz this week with talk of the Google Books Ngram Viewer.  It’s a great tool, and leads to some very interesting exploration and trend visualization.  So does this tool fly in the face of my rant from … Continue reading

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Search Algorithms versus Asimov’s First Law of Robotics

Search Engine Land has a short article on bias versus brands.  The issue at hand is whether Google Instant has a brand bias.  Google says it does not: Singhal explains that when someone types in T, mathematically “most people typing … Continue reading

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Miffed and Confused

Have been on a six month blogging hiatus, and wouldn’t you know it.. it took another fun Google article to pull me back.  It is a recent FastCompany piece, entitled Google to Zuckerberg, Bing: We Still Innovate.  The premise of … Continue reading

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