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The Search User Wants a Story

I fired up reddit this morning and was completely flabbergasted by one of the top posts.  The title of the post was “This is Why I Use Google, Not Bing”.  And it linked straight to this screenshot (which I reproduce … Continue reading

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More on Simplicity and the Paradox of Choice

I came across an interesting blogpost today, entitled “The Paradox of Choice is Not Robust“.  To requote their quote: Benjamin Scheibehenne, a psychologist at the University of Basel, was thinking along these lines when he decided (with Peter Todd and, … Continue reading

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Simplicity: Sparsity or Storytelling?

A tweet by @akumar prompted me to punch up this quick blogpost: as with all controversial issues, there’s a positive in google trying bing/image – that they’re not afraid to learn from competition What Amit is referring to is the … Continue reading

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