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Search in Social Media

What is Social Search as opposed to Social Media?  Social Search in Media?  Search in Social Media? Next week, Gene Golovchinsky and I are moderating a pair of panels at the SSM workshop.  So we spent some time this week … Continue reading

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Kasparov and Good Interaction Design

A NYT books article about Kasparov and chess, and the relationship between humans, machines, and decision processes is making the Twitter rounds today.  I don’t have time at the moment to write a long comment about it, but I do … Continue reading

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What You Can Find Out

The Edge has published their annual question for 2010: HOW IS THE INTERNET CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK? As an Information Retrieval research scientist, I of course was quite interested in what search folks had to say.  I found this … Continue reading

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Search versus Recommendation: Not The Only Tension

Greg Linden has an interesting post on Search on a domain like YouTube.  I reproduce it here because I would like to elaborate on it: The article focuses on YouTube’s “plans to rely more heavily on personalization and ties between … Continue reading

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