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The Tyranny of Simplicity, Redux

One of my ongoing research interest areas is in retrieval interfaces that allow more expressive and powerful statements of a user information need.  In that spirit, I wrote a minor rant last April about how the Apple iTunes smart playlist … Continue reading

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Music Search: Exploration or Lookup?

TechCrunch is reporting a new Google Music service, purportedly to be released in about a week here in the U.S.: Matt Ghering, a product marketing manager at Google, has been one of the people talking to the big four music … Continue reading

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Google Music China: Unprecedented?

There is an interesting recent post about the history of Google Music in China from an article by Michael Zhang in Global Entrepreneur Magazine.  Some excerpts: “It will play the right music without you having to give it any thought.” … Continue reading

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Apple 2009 = ISMIR 2000

If you haven’t heard (probably not likely), Apple announced a number of upgrades to its iPod/iTunes product line today.  It is interesting to me because I see more and more Music Information Retrieval making it into consumer products. Genius added … Continue reading

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Is Good Enough Good Enough?

“The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine” is the title of a new Wired article.  In it, Robert Capps makes the following point: The world has sped up, become more connected and a whole lot busier. … Continue reading

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Universal, Google launch ‘Vevo’ Music Service

From Wired: Vevo will launch later this year, a collaboration between Universal Music Group and Google the partners expect to be the leading music video service in the world from day one. Google confirmed to Thursday that all of … Continue reading

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Music Explaura: Exploration and Discovery in Action

Music Information Retrieval continues to be an excellent place to play around with the intersection of search, recommendation, user-guided exploration, and explanatory (transparent) algorithms. First, check out the announcement of Music Explaura from Stephen Green at Sun Research.  Stephen writes:

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Google Music China launches

Well, the move comes 9 years after I suggested it to ’em, but Google finally launches a music service: Now, my only question is whether they have simultaneously been researching and implementing intelligent search algorithms to go with the … Continue reading

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Music Retrieval: Algorithms or Explanatory Context?

At SXSW this year, Paul Lamere of The Echo Nest and Anthony Volodkin of Hype Machine engaged in a head-to-head panel about the utility of: Using computer algorithms (e.g. collaborative filtering, tag-based, content-based, etc.) to automatically recommend music, versus Using … Continue reading

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Content-Based Audio Search

Long-time Music Information Retrieval researcher Pedro Cano has a new book out, based on his dissertation: “Content-based Audio Search: From Audio Fingerprinting to Semantic Audio Retrieval“.  From the review: Music search sound engines rely on metadata, mostly human generated, to … Continue reading

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