Universal, Google launch ‘Vevo’ Music Service

From Wired:

Vevo will launch later this year, a collaboration between Universal Music Group and Google the partners expect to be the leading music video service in the world from day one. Google confirmed to Wired.com Thursday that all of Universal Music Group’s video assets (music videos, interviews, concert footage and possibly Kyte-style backstage video) will live on Vevo

I scanned the news for information on what sort of search, organization and recommendation Google is planning on top of this music information, but could find no such announcement.

Unlike MySpace Music Vevo will not be a joint venture between Google and Universal, Google told Wired.com. The site will be wholly owned by Universal, the largest record label in the world, whose YouTube channel has more views than any other in the world (3.5 billion). Google will run all technology-related aspects of the service. “Universal owns the site, but Google/YouTube is providing the technology,” said a Google spokeswoman by e-mail.

Google is going to be responsible for all the technology, but it’s just not clear how much of that technology will be cloud and network infrastructure, versus the real good bits: search and recommendation. ┬áThat’s the stuff I’m reaaally curious about, the stuff that makes the whole endeavor interesting.

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