Universal, Google launch ‘Vevo’ Music Service

From Wired:

Vevo will launch later this year, a collaboration between Universal Music Group and Google the partners expect to be the leading music video service in the world from day one. Google confirmed to Wired.com Thursday that all of Universal Music Group’s video assets (music videos, interviews, concert footage and possibly Kyte-style backstage [...]


In my previous post I talked a little about the notion that big data alone cannot solve many of our problems.  I would like to give a more concrete example of this by discussing a paper published at CIKM 2008: “Retrievability: An Evaluation Measure for Higher Order Information Access Tasks” by Azzopardi and Vinay.  In large part, my desire to discuss this paper comes from a few of Peter Norvig’s comments in the aforementioned thread on big data: 

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Large Data versus Limited Applicability

Large data can be extremely effective, but how widely applicable is it, really?

A week or two ago the blogosphere was abuzz with discussion about the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data position paper by Googlers A. Halevy, P. Norvig, and F. Pereira.  I had my own commentary, but some great discussion came when Peter Norvig jumped in to the comments section of Daniel’s blog and clarified some of his points.  I have decided now to write a few followup posts on this topic, as it touches all sorts of information seeking behaviors and domains, from music recommendation to web search to enterprise search to exploratory search.

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