Google Music China launches

Well, the move comes 9 years after I suggested it to ’em, but Google finally launches a music service:

Now, my only question is whether they have simultaneously been researching and implementing intelligent search algorithms to go with the free music downloads, or whether they have been too busy moving Microsoft Office into the online realm (aka Google Docs) and developing 3d avatar worlds (aka Google Lively) to work on their core mission: organizing the world’s (music) information.  The Wired article gives only scant details:

Users will be able to search by musical measurements such as the level of “beat” in a song and “instrumentality,” as well as by artist and song name.

I cannot believe that after 10 years of Music Information Retrieval research, this is all they have to offer.  If anyone has any details on the search offerings tied to this service, please let me know in the comments.

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